A unique posy of seasonal flowers entwined with a bundle of seasonal colourful memories. Every bouquet is unique – our florists use seasonal flowers, making every bouquet different.

Our florists wrap the bouquet in wrapping paper to protect the tender seasonal flowers, please remove before putting in vase.

The posy in the wrapping paper may differ depending on the season and availability of flowers.

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Send fresh flowers
Freshness and quality
We only use the best quality fresh flowers in the bouquets and arrangements. To fulfil that promise, the florist may replace some flowers, leaving the colour and overall impression similar.
Handmade bouquets
Unique creation
Interflora flower arrangements are handmade at a local flower shop. You can find a bouquet for every taste, from small to luxurious. Choose a suitable price and the florist will arrange a memorable flower gift similar to the picture. The arrangement on the picture ranges from "Golden mean" to "Luxurious" size.
Flower gift
The perfect surprise
Complement the flowers with a handmade cake, a box of chocolates, quality wine, organic fruits, a soft toy or a design card with your personal message. This way you can make the surprise more personal.
Flower delivery
Safe delivery
Our flower and gift deliveries are contactless. Read more here.
Customer satisfaction is of upmost importance to us. If you wish to exclude a flower or a plant from the bouquet, let us know in the information box located in the shopping cart (click "Change or specify details”). We accept complaints about the quality of flowers within three days after the delivery.

The acceptance of your order can be seen individually depending upon Interflora flowershop under holidays and office hours.

  • The acceptance of your order can be seen individually depending upon receiving-country under holidays and office hours.
  • We cannot guarantee deliveries on Saturday afternoons or on Sundays and public holidays.
  • Campgrounds, military bases, boats, sea ports or airports are not guaranteed delivery addresses
  • Only delivery times for funerals can be guaranteed. All of the international orders are delivered during the day, the sender is therefore requested to give the time of delivery, as accurately as possible. We cannot guarantee "before noon", "after noon" or "after work" deliveries in cases of international deliveries, however we will do our best to deliver according to your preferences.
  • We cannot guarantee "before noon", "after noon" or "after work" deliveries during grand holidays (Valentine's Day, Women's Day, Mother's Day), however we will do our best to deliver according to your preferences.
  • For deliveries to hospitals, please indicate ward and room number whenever possible.The delivery is only granted to the reception desk of the hospital.
  • For deliveries to hotels, please indicate room number and name of the guest(s) (group, couple, etc.).The delivery is only granted to the reception desk of the hotel.

Please check carefully that the delivery address, including local telephone number, is complete and correct. We cannot accept any liability for late or non-delivery due to an incorrect or incomplete address or phonenumber.
For special orders or inquiries please contact us. Deliveries guaranteed for a fixed time can only be executed with the prior agreement of our customer service department.
In the absence of the addressee, our florist member will attempt delivery and leave a calling card and try to reach the recipient later by phone. If the florist is unable to deliver the flowers and unable to reach the recipient wihtin 24 hours after the first attempt of delivery, the florist will inform us of the none-delivery and you’ll be informed either via phone or Email that no delivery could be made. The florist making the delivery is authorized to leave the flowers with a reliable third-party (e.g. a neighbour, receptionist, porter, funeral parlour, etc.) deemed suitable for passing on the flowers to the addressee. The same applies to additional items (accompanying card, gift article, etc.) for which transmission has been agreed to in individual cases.
If the recipient refuses to accept the flowers without any reason, the full charges are due, and will be billed by our florist.
Standard delivery fee within Lithuania is from 8,5 euros, to other countries 10-14 euros.
We are not always able to deliver the order to some remote places like Kelme and Kelme district, as well as Zarasai and Zarasai district. In case the delivery is possible, additional delivery fee applies. Extra delivery fee will might also apply to some remote areas in the districts of Varena, Vilnius, Radviliškis, Šilute and Kryžkalnis, Ariogala and Vilkija. Please contact us before making orders to these places.